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ABOUT US English

The company has established since 1992. It has worked about Cosmetics and Skin care and beautification equipment over 15 years. Herbal product for health and beauty from the nature, “PHUMPRUEKSA 15” and “Prime Perfect”, is one of our pride by the company has worked according to the royal idea project, herbal forestry plantations with will for announcing folk wisdom of Thai including push forward Thai herb to World Market. The company has been punctilious in step of research development for receiving high quality product in proper price for service to Thai and foreigner for receiving excellent quality Thai herb and making fame to Thailand. Nowadays, product “PHUMPRUEKSA 15” has exported to foreign country, Europe, Asia and Middle East by being accepted in quality of product consumer.

The company has had manufacturing factory standard GMP and being able to create work according to idea and demand of customer by working as manufacturing in Brand of customer [OEM] by skilled and experienced research and developmental work team of Cosmetics over 20 years. Therefore, the company has been willing extremely to service with gladness.

Contact: MS. PATCHAMON TADANUKULWATTANA [Marketing Director]
Address: 81/27-29 M.5, PRINYALUK VILLAGE

Telephone number: +662-3790473 -5 Fax: +662-3790131

E-mail: jsinter.crm@gmail.com

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